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Simple Gifts for the Health Nut in Your Life

Heading into this uncommon Christmas, it’s increasingly important to make those special connections from a distance. Due to a global pandemic, many of us will forgo travelling to see our loved ones. With all of the negativity and stress surrounding us, and New Year’s coming soon, you may start to see more people around you focusing on improving their health and wellbeing. Here are some great ideas for simple gifts that you can get to help support their goals.

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Surviving Christmas When You’re a Binge Eater

Trying to eat well during the holidays is never an easy task. Family and friends shower you with treats and delicious, homemade meals. As someone who suffers from binge eating disorder, but is now working towards recovery, I’ll be going into my first Christmas with a new mindset. Surviving Christmas is possible, and with December just around the corner, I’m going to show you how.

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A New Perspective (Progress Post #3)

Finally Progress Post #3!! It’s been a month and a half since I wrote my last update. During the start of that time, I was still losing weight relatively fast. But lately, things have been slow-going. My initial water weight is now gone and I’ve been actually working on fat loss. As I get smaller, it gets harder to lose weight, but each pound lost is way more significant!

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They All Hate Me Because I’m Fat!

…And Other Lies You Tell Yourself

Since around the age of 11, I’ve suffered from crippling anxiety due to poor body image. I attended hip hop dance classes during this time, and spent them observing myself in a wall-sized mirror. Most of the other girls in the class were thinner than I was, and I took notice of how much more graceful they seemed to dance. From then on, being fat was the blame for a lot of my problems.

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How I Found the Inspiration to Create My Blog

When 2020 began, I thought blogging was for a very specific type of person. I would always imagine a woman in her 40s sitting in her pajamas and fuzzy slippers. She would be typing her blog entry on the computer while sipping a cup of tea. Since then, I’ve become that person, without the fuzzy slippers of course.

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