A New Perspective (Progress Post #3)

Finally Progress Post #3!! It’s been a month and a half since I wrote my last update. During the start of that time, I was still losing weight relatively fast. But lately, things have been slow-going. My initial water weight is now gone and I’ve been actually working on fat loss. As I get smaller, it gets harder to lose weight, but each pound lost is way more significant!


A Step in the Right Direction (Progress Post #2)

Well ladies and gents, we made it. Here’s Progress Post #2. Honestly, I didn’t really feel like I had made any change at all. My weight went down, but I saw no difference as the days went on. That is, until I compared these photos to my first set of pics. If I could make a recommendation to you all, it would be to always document your progress with photos. Even if you feel like you never want to see yourself like this again. You don’t have to show anyone the pics, just keep them as a reminder. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself.


Let’s Get This Party Started (Progress Post #1)

First progress post incoming! As I type this post I cringe. It’s never a good feeling to take photos and realize how big you really are. Sadly, the idea to blog my weight loss was a bit late. I’m already down from my heaviest, which was 186lbs(84kg). I do have a couple of photos of myself at that weight, which I plan to share in the future.

I’ll be making 6 of these posts, which you will be able to find on a separate tab in my website menu. They’ll be there for side-by-side comparisons for those who are curious about weight loss like I am.