Striving For Perfection (Excuse #1)

Striving For Perfection Hard Working

Today I wanted to cover one of the many excuses that I’ve used over and over in my cycle of binge eating and dieting. Since I’ve begun tracking the thoughts revolving around my eating disorder I’ve been able to pinpoint over a dozen of these sneaky little notions. They seem to be valid in many situations, making it easy to understand why the battle against my lower brain is always so rough.

My first excuse is perfection. It’s something I always aim for. Whether it be work or play, I can always find something that can be improved upon. This can be deeply exhausting, especially when something never seems to be good enough. For me, weight loss has been the ultimate headache. I can never be perfect with my eating, sleeping, and exercising…not without completely wearing myself out.

Perfection can be many things. Starting a diet on a specific day of the week. Ending a series of poor food choices at exactly midnight the night before. Categorizing good and bad foods and completely cutting out anything considered bad. Making one mistake is unacceptable when you have a perfectionist mindset, and that lower brain will see the perfect opportunity to use it against you. Soon, you’re back to eating poorly…until next Monday of course.

With this all-or-nothing frame of mind, thinking a certain food or a simple slip-up will make you binge is actually setting yourself up for one. You end up feeling like a failure, and no one wants to feel that way. So what do you do? You eat to feel better, then promise yourself next time will be perfect. If you do it perfectly next time, then all will be made right again. Or so you think.

One thing that I want anyone reading this to understand is that it’s OKAY to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself when you make a mistake and keep moving forward. You are still making progress, so why reverse it for the sake of perfection? Being perfect is not a lifestyle change, it’s unsustainable and is setting you up for a world of disappointment.

I still struggle with this excuse, and with forgiving myself. If you can relate, please share your experiences with me in a comment below. I’d love to hear about them!

Excuse #2: Special Occasions

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Stay inspired.


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