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Come This Far Weight Loss Journey

Hello people of the internet! My name is Angela and I’m an addict. No, my vice isn’t alcohol or drugs. Rather, it’s a habit. One which ruins my life.

Let me elaborate a little. I have struggled with binge eating as long as I can remember. I have battled with poor self-esteem and anxiety for just as long. Much of the time, I hide away in my room because I’m ashamed of the way I look. More dangerously, I hold off on making friends and going out into the world, simply because I’ve convinced myself that I will when I’m in shape and have more energy.

Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting more energy and a healthier, better-looking body. But I have this little issue. Because my binge-eating habit is so deeply entrenched, I keep putting off my plans to follow a healthy diet and eat better, which means in reality, I’m putting off living my life.

I decided to begin this blog to motivate myself, and whoever may stumble upon it. I’m going to lay this journey out for anyone to see. Putting it all out there on the internet *cringes*.

Along with weekly updates, I’ll be uploading new posts for every 10 pounds lost. These updates will include:

  • pictures taken from various angles
  • measurements in metric and imperial
  • weight in metric and imperial
  • BMI number

My goal is to inspire people to follow alongside me on this journey to health and happiness. To read my first progress post click here.

Heh, I may be crawling that path.

I’ve also created a Facebook page so people can follow me there as well! Come join me here!


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Journey Ang Weight Loss

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