Powerful Non-Weight Goals (Progress Post #4)

Green Measuring Tape Progress Post #4

Here we are, progress post #4! Another goal checked off as complete in my never-ending mental checklist. And what a crazy ride it’s been! I spent what felt like eternity stuck at 144 pounds, then blasted through to near 140. Plateaus are no joke, but if you stick to your guns, you’ll get rewarded in the end.

Progress Post #4

  • Weight: 140lbs (63.5kg)
  • Measurements: Chest 93cm (36.6″), thighs 59cm (23.2″), waist 76cm (30″), hips 98cm (38.5″), arms 29cm (11.4″)
  • BMI of 25.6 (so close!)

Non-Weight Progress

I’d like to touch on something super important for anyone looking to lose weight. Throughout this journey, I’ve been sharing my weight and measurements, but it’s also inspiring to notice the non-weight improvements. This type of progress will keep you motivated even when the scale won’t budge.

During this last 10 pounds, I finally began noticing changes in my body. I’m now seeing veins and bones in my arms, hands and feet which I’ve never seen before. I’m not as winded going up the stairs to my front door as I used to be. My body is starting to work with me and not against.

My clothes are becoming looser, and I find myself buying new underwear every other month. I’m finally wearing old clothes that didn’t fit and were banished to the back of my closet. Before, I was busting out of my work pants, but now I’m back in my old, smaller uniforms.

I’ve also had endless amounts of energy, and my general mood has elevated. Once in a while I feel the need to randomly start dancing, likely scaring my coworkers in the process. And if the dancing doesn’t alarm anyone, the constant poking at my new stomach or feeling the collarbone which, I never knew was there might.

Moving Forward

It’s such an empowering feeling, reaching one of my milestones and being able to share it with you! I’ve found so much support online, and I hope that I’m helping you guys as much as you’re helping me. Now I’m looking on to the next goal, with hopes of finding more non-scale victories along the way.

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So, what about you? Have you ever found some surprising achievements while reaching for a completely different goal? I’d love to hear about them!

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