Let’s Get This Party Started (Progress Post #1)

Bathroom Scale Progress Post1

First progress post incoming! As I type this post I cringe. It’s never a good feeling to take photos and realize how big you really are. Sadly, the idea to blog my weight loss was a bit late. I’m already down from my heaviest, which was 186lbs(84kg). I do have a couple of photos of myself at that weight, which I plan to share in the future.

I’ll be making 6 of these posts, which you will be able to find on a separate tab in my website menu. They’ll be there for side-by-side comparisons for those who are curious about weight loss like I am.

Progress Post #1

  • Weight: 172lbs(78kg)
  • Measurements: Chest 109cm(43″), thigh 68cm(27″), waist 90cm(35″), hips 115cm(45″), upper arm 35cm(14″).
  • BMI of 31.8(slightly obese)

Well, folks, there you have it. Even the hands and feet are included. Why? Simply because I’m curious. Skinny people always seem to have such skinny hands too 😉

During this journey I hope to answer all of the questions I have about weight loss. I’ve been looking online hoping to find raw, candid photos like what you see here. I haven’t been very lucky, mostly finding before/after shots, fully clothed. Many of the questions I would like answered are about stretchmarks, cellulite and loose skin.

Now that I’ve put my most embarrassing secret out on the internet…I think it’s time for bed.

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