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They All Hate Me Because I’m Fat!

…And Other Lies You Tell Yourself

Since around the age of 11, I’ve suffered from crippling anxiety due to poor body image. I attended hip hop dance classes during this time, and spent them observing myself in a wall-sized mirror. Most of the other girls in the class were thinner than I was, and I took notice of how much more graceful they seemed to dance. From then on, being fat was the blame for a lot of my problems.

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Learning How to Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is a powerful life skill. It enables us to let go of the turmoil of our past and focus on the future ahead.

When we hold onto emotional pain, many aspects of our lives suffer. We can have a difficult time trusting and opening up to people. Our relationships are not as fulfilling. Our total outlook on life can have a negative shadow cast over it.

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3 Ways to Be Mindful About Motivation

Today I’d like to talk about motivation, or lack thereof. Being inspired to stick to my goals has never been a strength of mine. When I make the choice to work toward a goal I always tell myself that it’ll be worth the trouble. But somehow, my lower brain manages to win the inevitable debate that carries on in my head. No matter how strong my initial resolve, I convince myself to quit. With new challenges everyday and slowing visual progress throughout, the motivation to stick to my goal always begins to wane.

So how can we preserve motivation, the driving force of this vehicle to success? Here are 3 guidelines that I’ve found the most helpful in my trials.

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Striving For Perfection (Excuse #1)

Today I wanted to cover one of the many excuses that I’ve used over and over in my cycle of binge eating and dieting. Since I’ve begun tracking the thoughts revolving around my eating disorder I’ve been able to pinpoint over a dozen of these sneaky little notions. They seem to be valid in many situations, making it easy to understand why the battle against my lower brain is always so rough.

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All of The Basics of Binge Eating

Hello there good people! I wanted to share a post today to help shed some light on an eating disorder that I’m at war with everyday. It’s something you’ll see me touch on many times in the future I’m sure. You can likely guess from the title (or from perusing my blog) that the topic is the mysterious binge eating disorder (BED).

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