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Have you ever had a secret so personal that you decided not to tell anyone? One so embarrassing that you knew no one could be trusted with it? Well, for me, that secret is having a blog filled with weight loss photos and intimate posts. In an effort to keep my blog under wraps, I’ve chosen to become an undercover blogger.

What is an undercover blogger? Well, let me share my story with you.

The Undercover Blogger

While chatting with Olivia Lucie Blake on one of her blog posts, the idea of me being an undercover blogger came to life. I mentioned that I keep my blog a secret from the people in my life, to avoid their negative opinions. I’m surrounded with gossipers and naysayers, who don’t mind using secrets like mine for mindless entertainment.

Having unsupportive people in my life has never been helpful. Growing up, I found myself keeping my goals and personal projects a secret from certain people, to avoid goal invalidation and discouragement. I’ve always been an overachiever, and many of my family members would love to take a jab at any mistakes I’ve made.

I’m so open about my life in my blog, and with people online in general. I feel I should be candid to help my readers find inspiration through my journey. The people who visit my blog are always super supportive, even though we don’t know each other. Only one person I know in real life is aware of my blog, and I know she’ll always be positive and helpful towards my goals.

While I don’t know for sure how the other people in my life will react to my blog, I do know one thing: My coworkers and family members enjoy ripping up everyone who’s not around to defend themselves. I tell myself that I really shouldn’t give a damn if they do or not, but still, I don’t want to give them the power to do so!

How do I Keep My Blogging Life Secret?

I do a few things to keep my blog anonymous, while still being very personal with it. My tattoos are cut out of any photos of me. I have my face cut out of full body progress pictures as well. My last name has been changed in my emails and accounts. I’ve also refrained from mentioning anything more to friends than the fact that I run a website.

Because we have similar interests, I’ve mentioned that I have a site to a few of the guys at work. Sometimes we talk about trying to improve website speed or traffic, but I refuse to tell anyone my site name, or mention any specific content. I’ve even flat out told one of the guys I won’t tell him the URL.

Cropping the photos a certain way doesn’t keep anyone from finding my blog. But, should one of the jerks at my work find it, they won’t have a pic of me in my underwear with my face or tattoos on it. This gives me a bit of comfort.

Will I Remain an Undercover Blogger?

Is it a good idea to keep such a big part of my life secret? It depends. I get asked what I did on my days off, and can’t be totally honest. I can’t proudly show off my site or ask for help from any of my friends who understand coding. But, knowing that no one knows about it gives me peace of mind. Even if how I feel proves that I’m embarrassed about my body and what I write about.

Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to show my blog to more than just the online world. Then I can stop being anonymous. Until I do, I’ll remain an undercover blogger.

What about you? Are there certain aspects of your life you don’t want friends and family knowing about, but are happy sharing with strangers? Let me know in the comments!

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