3 Ways to Be Mindful About Motivation

You got this baby Mindful Motivation

Today I’d like to talk about motivation, or lack thereof. Being inspired to stick to my goals has never been a strength of mine. When I make the choice to work toward a goal I always tell myself that it’ll be worth the trouble. But somehow, my lower brain manages to win the inevitable debate that carries on in my head. No matter how strong my initial resolve, I convince myself to quit. With new challenges everyday and slowing visual progress throughout, the motivation to stick to my goal always begins to wane.

So how can we preserve motivation, the driving force of this vehicle to success? Here are 3 guidelines that I’ve found the most helpful in my trials.

Identify Your Why

It’s hard enough to keep yourself motivated, but when you’re also battling with addiction, it’s super important to keep reminding yourself what you’re fighting for.

Writing down a list of the many reasons to follow your plan is a great start. You’ll be laser focused in the beginning, and in the future it will serve as a reminder of why you made the plan initially. It’s a great tool to use when your motivation dips, so check back on it from time to time.

Reason lists, however, were not enough for me. I’ve found that I need an inspiration boost every day. Watching an uplifting video or listening to a health podcast raises morale. I recommend tuning into one every morning, and keeping lists of them so you can quickly jump onto the internet and throw one on.

If you’re looking for suggestions, here are a couple of my favourites: https://www.coachkir.com/mypodcast/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChbzakOkrYvE4dYB_gh7Riw

Are You Restricting too Much?

If you make your goals too ambitious, they’ll become overwhelming and easier to convince yourself to give up. The more restrictions and preparation you take on, the more exhausting each day becomes.

Last week I wrote about perfectionism, and as I did, I was worried that I may not take my own advice. I used to stress about going out with friends due to the inconvenience of being offered food, or the awkwardness of sitting myself out during meals. It was just easier to stay home and be alone with my irrationally healthy eating.

Since writing my last post, I decided to stick to eating my typical healthy food plan, but allowed myself to eat small amounts of food which I would usually consider “forbidden”. I don’t allow myself to feel like I’ve “ruined my diet”, because I’ve decided that my diet includes everything. I instead choose to eat well most of the time. This change in mindset has been powerful.

Are Your Goals too Far Apart?

Making smaller goals will give you more to look forward to in the process of making it to your final objective. For me, thinking about how far I have to go to make it to 120 pounds is daunting. Thinking about making it to my next 10 pound milestone – something I see just out of reach – is a thrill to think about. Haven’t reached your goal in the time you set for yourself? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate. You may be doing something to hinder your progress or setting your goals too high. This is the time to take a step back and find out.

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